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We are offering services for collection, recycling and safe disposal of e-waste & Non-Ferrous metals.

Under the supervision of our experts, waste of electronic and non-ferrous hazardous metals waste disposed and recycled at our factory unit.

With the help of our professionals, we collect, weigh, and separate the material on the basis of its composition, Then after the recycling process done.

We provide the clients with Data Erasure, Logistic, Collection of Electronic Waste, providing Waste Management and Recycling Services. We are also authorized E-Waste Collection center certified by West Bengal Pollution Control Board.

Contact us for collection of large scale industrial items

Listening to the needs of our customers.
We do effective and safe disposal and recycling of different Non-Ferrous material and e-waste.

To create/raise awareness towards sustainable e-waste management in India and both the national, organizational and household level.

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Contact us at Email: [email protected] to dispose any kind of e-waste & Non ferrous wastes.

Call us  Mobile : +91 9883331111 or 9433747759 and let us know what you like to dispose and we will provide you a  customized services at your door step in all over West Bengal. We provide a solution related to storage and handling of e-waste & Hazardous waste.