How We Help You

How We Help You

How We Help You

Every electronics gadget holder either by person or Companies has to do the practice of proper disposing method. How can we dispose abide by law? every electronics life end gadget should not be stored at home or offices. You can thrown  the E waste  to Collection center by individual  or call a tender to the E Waste companies for it ultimate destination.

What we do ?

We have sufficient area in workshop, for small & big
equipment, completely channelized stored systems, trained skilled manpower with personal Protective Equipment (“PE”) area fully ready to combat with fire, proper water drainage exhaust system. Entire campus is under the CCTV surveillance.

Here’s what we do for you .

Our March towards a Green World

i) COLLECTION AND TRANSPORTATION – The waste will be collected and transported in suitable container and in a way so that there is no breakage. Prior to loading into a vehicle, absorbent paper like corrugated paper will be used to Take care of any accidental spoilage.

li) HANDLING AND STORAGE – Proper care and precautions will be taken while handling and storing E-waste – small components will be kept in covered — crates and big ones on floor over absorbent corrugated paper – to confine any spillage of oil and other hazardous materials.
The spoiled paper will be disposed off .

iii) DISMANTLING PROCESS – The dismantling process does not involve any use of water, heating or burning, chemical treatment etc. Only mechanical breaking and separation/segregation of components will take place. Effect of this operation by (l) De-dusting & (Il) Manual Dismantling.

WATER:- No water will be used for this process and no liquid effluent will be generated.

effluent . There will be no leaching out of any other treatment or floor & equipment washing etc. Hence any EPT is not proposed.

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SOIL/EARTH:- The process will be carried out on wooden tables at workshop, so there is no chance for soil communication.

SOUND:- No sound reduction operation will be carried out and hence there will be no sound pollution.

AIR:- Mechanical dismantling of WEEE generates lots dust which may contain heavy metals and can causes    air polution. To prevent, Air Pollution Control System comprise of Cyclone Separate and bag Filter