How to handle E-Waste

How to Handle E-Waste

Old N Furniture is one of the enlisted E Waste dismantling company toward Recycle process- Situated in eastern India (Kolkata) has started the Dismantling and segregation operation in April' 2019 Under SPCB (WB). Our Vision and Mission—is very clear in field of E waste Treatment. The company is very serious to the Go Green initiative and Bharat mission. Nation should adopt the knowledge ut the harmful effect of E waste. Though most of the people are absolutely unaware regarding these waste and its side effect, which is fall in our living lives and environment in anger every second & minute. Therefore every electronics gadget holder either by person or Companies has to do the practice of proper disposing method. How can we dispose abide by law? every electronics life end gadget should not store at home or offices, do it thrown to the E waste Collection center by individual it may be a unused cell phone ,laptop, and others gadget , or call a tender . Contact Us: +91 9883331111 Email: [email protected]

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