E-Waste Management

E-Waste Management in India

What is E-waste? E-waste or Electronic waste typically includes discarded computer monitors, motherboards, mobile phones and chargers, compact discs, headphones, television sets, mobiles, air conditioners and refrigerators.  We, E-waste Solution are authorized e-waste recycler of West Bengal Pollution Control Board. If your industry or Institute produces a lot  E-Waste then you contact us: Request us for a Pickup E-Waste in India: According to the Global E-Waste Monitor 2017, India generates about 2 million tonnes (MT) of e-waste annually and ranks fifth among e-waste producing countries, after the US, China, Japan and Germany. In 2016-17, India treated only 0.036 MT of its e-waste. About 95 percent of India’s e-waste is recycled in the informal sector and in a crude manner. A report on e-waste presented by the United Nations (UN) in World Economic Forum on January 24, 2019 points out that the waste stream reached 48.5 MT in 2018 and the figure is expected to double if nothing changes. Only 20 percent of global e-waste is recycled. The UN report indicates that due to poor extraction techniques, the total recovery rate of cobalt (the metal which is in great demand for laptop, smart phone and electric car batteries) from e-waste is…

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