Categories of E-waste

Categories of E-Waste

Categories of E-waste. The following are the categories of E-waste.    Sl. No. Category %age of total e-waste Category 1.  Large household appliances Washing machines, dryers, refrigerators, air conditioners etc.   -  49%. Sub-categories %age of total e-waste are discussed. 1A. Large household appl. Excl. 1B and 1C   27.7%       1B. Cooling and freezing      17.7%    1C. Smaller items      3.6% Category 2.  Small household appliances Vacuum cleaners, coffee machines, irons, toasters,etc. -  7.0 - 7.0% Category 3. IT and telecom. equipment PCs, Laptops, cell phones, telephones, fax machines, copiers, printers, etc-16% Sub-categories %age of total e-waste:  3A. IT and telecom. equip. excl. 3B    and 3C. -8.0%    3B. CRT monitors     8.3%   3C. LCD monitors-0.0% Category 4.  Consumer electronics Televisions,VCR/DVD/CD Players, Hi-Fi sets,Radios, etc. 21% 4A Consumers electronics excl.- 7.8%     4B. CRT TV’s -13.3%     4C. Flat Panel TV’s- 0.0% Category 5.  Lighting equipment Fluorescent tubes,sodium lamps etc. (Except: bulbs and halogen bulbs) 2.4%.      5A. Luminaries - 0.7%     5B. Lamps -  1.7% Category 6.  Electrical and electronic tools Drills,Electric saws, sewing Machines, lawn mower etc. (Except: large stationary tools/machines)-3.5 - 3.5% Category 7.   Toys, leisure and sports…

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