About Us:

Old N Furniture is one of the enlisted E Waste dismantling company toward Recycle process- Situated in eastern India (Kolkata) has started the Dismantling and segregation operation in April’ 2019 Under SPCB (WB).

Our Vision:

Our Vision and Mission—is very clear in field of E waste Treatment. The company is very serious to the Go Green initiative. Nation should adopt the knowledge of the harmful effect of E waste.

Though most of the people are absolutely unaware regarding these waste and its side effect, which is fall in our living lives and environment in anger every second & minute. Therefore every electronics gadget holder either by person or Companies has to do the practice of proper disposing method.

E-Waste Disposal:

How can we dispose abide by law? Every electronics  gadget after end of life should not be stored at home or offices. You can throw  to the E waste Collection center by individual  or  call us to float a tender.


  1. What is E-Waste?
  2. Benefits of Recycling E-Waste
  3. Sell your old items and earn money.